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Select beautiful rooms, impeccable service and amenities to complement the best way to stay in the Hotel Faros. Our staff is at your disposal at all times with the sole aim to ensure the comfortable stay. This type contains 2 attached beds and can be used as a double room[…]


Piraeus was always the most important port in Greece. It is a separate city and municipality, although many consider part of the agglomeration of Athens. It began to be the port of classical Athens and its trade, operating shipyards and flourish because of all the traffic. Today it serves the[…]

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Athens is the capital of Greece and a remarkable city in Europe. Attracts visitors and awakens their senses inviting them to experience a unique combination of culture, history, gastronomy, natural beauty and nightlife. Ancient Athens was a city of historical importance, which developed principles, values and ideas which we respect[…]

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